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Techno Music News – “Idiosynkrasia” – Francesco Tristano & Carl Craig for 2010 release


A close musical encounter of the third kind: that might be the most appropriate way to describe what the people on board The Space on July 18 2010 were lucky enough to experience.That night, a grand piano – let’s call it a UFO – had landed in the illustrious Ibiza club. At its helm: Francesco Tristano, not yet thirty and already a long-distance adventurer in sonic space. Also on board, in the DJ booth, was Carl Craig, controlling Ableton with the help of his Ipad. Carried away by the fervor of an audience in perfect osmosis, the duo flew higher and higher, eluding the borders between musical genres and giving a performance that has already gone down in The Space’s history.

A few months earlier, in Detroit, a similar sighting had been reported: a grand(iose, of course) piano had settled for a week amidst an impressive number of machines and a no less impressive number of records, virtually filling the studios of Planet E, Carl Craig’s label. For it was precisely there, in that stronghold of Detroit techno, that Francesco Tristano had chosen to record Idiosynkrasia, his third solo album for inFiné.

“Idiosynkrasia” – iF1012 will be released worldwide in November 2010.

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