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DJ Heftys “Death Techno Mix” – Dark Ass Minimal Techno Mix

Here at techno music news we like to try and push up and coming talent so when I came across DJ Heftys “Death Techno Mix” I had to re post it here for our readers. Its got a nice mix of the deep and dark along with some straight up minimal techno sounds and a dash of the movie soundtrack about it. Check it out I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



Track Listing:


Intro: Lo Pan’s Domain – John Carpenter, Alan Howarth – Big Trouble In Little China Soundtrack

1 – No Escape – Hefty – Unsigned

2 – Parasitic Organism – Hefty – Unsigned

3 – Blind – Logotech – Naked Lunch

4 – Hazakura (Alex Bau Remix) – SIDE B – Hysterical

5 – Tonkass (Rene Walther Remix) – Plankton, Alejandro Trebor – Amazone Records

6 – Third Eye (Fallhead Remix) – Adrenalinoman – Enter

7 – Archlekt – Subfractal – Sleaze Records

8 – Prehistoric – Hugo Palxao, Jason Fernandes – Nutempo

9 – Mask The Expression – Jason Fernandes – Dont Look Productions

10 – Effekthascher – Flinsch ‘n’ Nielson – Kiddazfm

Outro: Lo Pan’s Domain – John Carpenter, Alan Howarth – Big Trouble In Little China Soundtrack


DJ Heftys Bio:


Hefty has always had a passion for music and has always had an eclectic taste. His love for music didn’t manifest itself in the form of  djing/producing until a few years back when he was introduced by a  university friend to the London underground party scene. Blown away by  the exciting venues, amazing music and incredible atmosphere he was  drawn in to the underground and never left. After a years of parties it  dawned on him, this is what he wanted to do.


 He left university  and bought his decks and never looked back. He owes a lot to the now legendary “PICKLE” parties which defined his bass fuelled dark Hefty style.  Priding himself on not playing the obvious and keeping to his  own style he managed to carve a name for himself playing evil electrobotic electro and hefty tek breaks, his sets known for their dark  sounds, hefty bass and varied track selection.


Over the years  he has built up a collection of many genres of electronic music from dubstep to techno and is more than happy spinning a set of a variety of  genres.  He has had the opportunity to warm up for Marco V at Turnmills, he has played at The Gallery also at Turnmills and has also played at  many other London clubs including Heaven, Hidden, 414, Electrowerkz, The  Telegraph, The Coronet and 333.


 Currently Hefty is venturing into new territory with druggy bass driven dark minimal tek and techno, incorporating aspects of the various genres he enjoys. Spending a year  working hard in his studio he has learned the art of production and has created his own unique style of dark abstract bass fuelled hypnotic  minimal, which is receiving interest in the minimal scene. With requests for remixes and collaborations flooding in and with various tracks  being released soon Hefty is determined to unleash his dark sounds on  the public and continue to explore the realms of minimal and techno.

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