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Funk D’Void Interview

From the mid-‘90s right up to this week, Lars Sandberg’s love of house and techno is inexhaustible. Ahead of his Australian visit, the man talks to inthemix about indulging his dual personalities.

I see you played Panoramabar this month on a Sunday afternoon. What’s the experience like of playing that iconic space?
Nerve-wracking. I prepared for weeks before the gig, dumped my laptop and did a special vinyl/CD-only set. I thought it went well, but it was extremely draining. The place has such a reputation, I was terrified, expecting to be scrutinised by my every move – but I relaxed finally. I hope to go back and perform there soon.

Following the Chymera remix, what’s next on the production/remixing front?
Keeping things nice and hot with my label Outpost, I’m determined to keep up the level of quality – it’s my baby! New EP from myself coming up for #4, and Emmanuel will take the helm for #5. Having your own label really keeps the drive going in the studio. I’m hungry for good music again.

Following your tour, local promoter Soma Corp is touring fellow Glaswegian Vince Watson. You guys have done some pretty incredible remix work for each other in the past. Do you know each other well?

I’ve always been in awe of Vince’s chords and textures; he’s a huge influence on the way I listen to techno. We know each other well since the scene emerged in Glasgow and have mutual respect for each other’s work – and of course I would love to keep up the production work together. We segue well into each other’s musical styles.

I’ve heard you talk in the past about how Barcelona’s electronic music scene can be frustrating. How’s the state of affairs at the moment? How does it compare to Glasgow?
Glasgow will always win for me; it’s where I’m from. I don’t compare the scene in Barcelona with Glasgow’s, they’ve grown from different roots. Local Catalonian Government has always been blinkered with the economic viability from the night-life scene, always hindering its progress. I have distanced myself from it somewhat, but next year I’ll be doing a regular night in Microclub Macarena – 70 people capacity!

Are your techno and deep house sides still split between Funk D’Void and Francois Dubois, or is it now all part of one whole?
I always play a bit of both styles in my performances. More recently I’ve fallen back in love with more edgy grooves – it’s refreshing to bounce back and forth from genres. I’m a sucker for the deepness though. There’s never a linear form to my sets, and they take a lot out of me every time. I can’t wait to get stuck in.

I’ve been following your recent online mixes, Kings Of The Strings and Adoriana. Have platforms like Soundcloud changed the DJing game?
Well it’s a great filter to hear what music I’ve been into. I like putting these mixes up first on Mixcloud’s streaming format, then jump over to Soundcloud so that people can download them if they liked it the first time around. Mixcloud is a great platform for DJs that are not so well-known or are just starting up.

I’m amazed at how many followers I have on Soundcloud, and I love the interaction with other producers on there. It really encourages two-way communication, and also is a good gauge to see how your track is received.

In your recent set as Francois Dubois for The Melbourne Deepcast you included a track from Melbourne producer Tornado Wallace. Are you aware of many other producers or labels from Australia?
Is he from Melbourne? Awesome! I’m a big fan. I like Deepchild also, plus my friend Laurent Dupré does some great deep stuff. I love Michelle Owen’s DJ style and taste in music also.

There’s certainly a trend in house and techno at the moment for revisiting the past. Do you think there’s a danger in that?
Everything’s derivative of something that’s already happened, it’s part of the process – right now the ‘90s flavour is the sound du jour. I have no problem in that because that’s where I’m from! As long as it’s presented in an interesting and usable way, then I’m all for it.

When I last saw you in Sydney, you were not a well man. Any nerves about coming back?
Man, I was sick as a dog; I had brought an intestinal parasite back with me from India and Bali and wanted to die. I’m going to make up for it this time. Watch out.

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