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Upper floor: Rhythmatic
Marco Carola (M-nus) 4hrs
Stathis Lazarides (Rhythmatic, Cavo Paradiso)

Lower floor: Rhythmatic Intimate Sessions
System of Survival (Circo Loco)
Rossko (Cerca Trova, Found)
Wesley Razzy (Rhythmatic)
Rico Novo (Rhythmatic)

Following a hugely successful Summer Greek tour with Dance Music legend, Carl Cox, London’s international party fiends rise once again to fuel the fires of another burning party.

The Rhythmatic atmosphere is once again ready to be swirled up into a blast of a party at an East London warehouse on November 27th, where the
team, true to Rhythmatic form, have upped the ante yet again with Marco Carola staining the newest batch of Rhythmatic flyers.

Rhythmatic hosts Carola’s first appearance outside of London super-club, Fabric in four years, making this an evening not to be missed! Carola is the most wide-spread artist Rhythmatic have ever brought on board, armed with the best line-up they have ever presented and the famed Rhythmatic ambience of treating all that grace as friends over punters, the team have created a powerful, intimate and overall memorable night.

Rhythmatic 3rd Anniversary

Marco Carola A name tantamount to the ever changing underground sound, he along with other like-minded friends, such as Gaetano Parisio, Random Noize, past Rhythmatic guest Davide Squillace and other Neapolitan clubbers and DJs who were eagerly looking for something new in club music during the 90’s, started the transition towards techno. Hailed now, as Napoli’s first techno producer through his EP ‘Man Train’ which was released on his own Design imprint in 1995, Marco Carola is now firmly established as one of the world’s premier techno DJs. With a vast array of production credits and a whole host of labels under his belt namely Plus 8 and M-Nus, Carola has emerged in the last decade to be one of the globes most influential exponents of quality electronic music.

System of Survival
You will more than likely know the Italian duo best for their ongoing residency with DC10’s legendary Monday morning party, Circo Loco. With a DJ career that spans almost over two decades and has seen them build up a huge reputation through their performances in top clubs, they are one of the first acts to gain a continuing residency with the infamous Ibiza promotion. Over the years, System of Survival have remained committed to their purist notions of what good dance music should be, continuing to create a wall of sound which ignites venues and clubbers around World with sets that can be described as a perfect blend of sounds both old and new. Not just DJ’s the pair put on an enticing show, and when playing together fit like a jigsaw. Whilst one plays a tune, the other cuts in effects, beats, acapella’s and whatever else is going! Making them one of the most interesting techno duos to see play.

Stathis Lazarides
Stathis Lazarides has the musical ethos and mentality of an artist who finds it impossible to compromise with trends. The inability to specify genres when in the studio or the DJ booth, has positioned Lazarides as a true underground soldier to the global house music sound. A true figure of the industry, in the summer you will find him holding the fort that is the legendary Cavo Paradiso Mykonos, where he spends his mid-summer evenings playing alongside Sven Vath, Luciano, Reboot and Matthias Tanzmann to name but a few. Stathis Lazarides is back on UK home soil armed with a new release with fellow Greek Music Man, Alex Celler on the Dutch imprint, Soweso Records; ready to bring more of that international, techno sound to a palatable spread of music and partying.

Sound System – Stealth Array
Stealth Array is a new concept of sound system that provides the highest, studio quality sound at major events. Designed and built by the new British company Flare Audio the system delivers unbelievably clear sound at incredible levels which were previously impossible. The system is a patent pending combination of point source and a horizontal line array, this enables the system to throw studio quality sound to every area of a venue and up to 150 metres away. Officially launched just 3 weeks ago the system is already proving to be a hit amongst the most respected people in the industry.

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