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Classic Techno Tracks – Zeta Reticula – EP 2 (A1)

When DJ UMEK released released the Zeta Reticula EPs on Electrix Records back in 2000 they marked a sea change in where techno was going for many people, the whole series was received with almost universal acclaim and those who made many of the tracks of these heavily electro tinged EPs part of their set read like a who’s who list of techno superstar DJs. In the early naughties you could hear tracks from the Zeta Reticula Eps being played at everything from edgier more experimental house nights right through to freetekno acid raves out in the European countryside.

One of the most outstanding and recognisable tracks on the EPs was the untitled track A1 from EP2. An absolute classic in terms of its production, its structure and its influence on the techno scene at the time. It has a great mix of pounding but still subtle and evolving beats, a strong driving synthesiser line that pushes the track forward dragging the listener inexorably along with it and an interesting use of a minimalistic orchestral track that keeps the ears enjoying the track while never straying into pretentiousness. This track is still capable of making even jaded music fans ears prick up and go “Who the fuck is this? I want this track!”.


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